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Patterned Tsuba & Dome Combo

Product code: PT-4

$11.00 $7.70

Patterned rubber combined Tsuba & Dome for Bokken.

Available in three styles, Hana, Domoe or Gold Hana. Will fit most standard bokken, may need slight internal adjustment.

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Product Reviews

Average Rating (2 Reviews): 4 Stars
  • Accessories
    Review left by:
    Lona Parker
    Rating: 5 Stars

    Great website to view products. Easily accessible and quick to find what you are looking for.

  • Gold Hana
    Review left by:
    Long Trinh
    Rating: 3 Stars

    The Tsuba gets the gold look thanks to a pretty cheap gold paint that actually comes off pretty easily. I had to use some sealants to seal the paint in place. However, the design is very nice, much nicer than the plain Tsuba that comes with the bokken. It adds a little bit of uniqueness to your bokken, however I'm willing to pay more for a better quality. This thing however will be torn up if used in sparring. We did a little sparring this morning and after 5 minutes the paint got chipped everywhere, really messy. It's good on a sword if used only for kata practice I suppose.

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